Theoretical Cosmology and Gravitation

IPM staff members:

Hassan Firouzjahi

My fields of research interests are early universe cosmology, inflationary universe, cosmological perturbation theory and high energy physics. With members of our group, we are working on inflationary model buildings and their predictions on cosmic microwave background such as statistical anisotropies and primordial non-Gaussianities.

In addition, I am interested in methods of high energy physics and gravitation in primordial universe. Among these are the delta N formalism in cosmological perturbation theory, effective field theory approach to inflation, cosmic strings and vacuum bubble nucleation.

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Bahram Mashhoon

I am interested in nonlocal gravity (NLG), which is a classical nonlocal generalization of Einstein’s theory of gravitation such that the nonlocal aspect of this theory simulates dark matter. I wrote a book about this theory: Nonlocal Gravity, Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK (2017).

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Mohammad Hossein Namjoo

I’m a physicist who is interested in theoretical cosmology. Early universe cosmology has been one of my major fields of research. I studied model dependent and model independent signatures of inflationary scenario as well as alternatives-to-inflation; and worked on some novel ideas to observationally discriminate between them. My other field of research is dark matter. Theoretical tools to study specific classes of dark matter models (such as axions); and also constraining dark matter models by observations are some topics of my recent research. I am also interested in somewhat philosophical questions related to cosmology and gravity such as the possibility of living in a multiverse and also the ``cosmic censorship conjecture” as a hope to save general relativity from its indeterministic pathologies.

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