Research Groups

  • Observational Astronomy and Cosmology
  • Research in the Observational Astronomy group covers a wide range of topics from stars to galaxies to large-scale structure and high redshift Universe using state of the art multiwavelength observations from radio to X-rays through optical. We contribute to large national and international observational projects such as the Iranian National Observatory (INO), the Square Kilometer Array (SKA) and various science projects such as GAMA, Coma HST survey and many more. Our main research goals are understanding the physics of the interstellar and intergalactic media, star formation, galaxy evolution and the role of environment and the high redshift universe.

  • Astrophysics and Computational Astronomy
  • Theoretical studies construct our basic insight into the astrophysical phenomena at different epochs. Both analytical and numerical approaches are used in this group to study the evolution of stars, evolution of molecular clouds, and the role of the magnetic fields in the evolution of galaxies. Numerical modeling of the kinematics of galaxies in order to probe different models are also among the key objectives for this research group.

  • Theoretical Cosmology and Gravitation

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