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2nd Optical Data Reduction Workshop

Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences (IPM)
School of Astronomy and Astrophysics (SoA)

18th – 20th Bahman 1390
7th – 9th February 2012

Tehran, IRAN

Application Deadline
11th Bahman 1390
31st January 2012



 Lecture Notes (These lecture notes were used in ODRW2)
  • CCD Imaging and Reductions (pdf)
  • Principles of Optical Data Reduction (pdf)
  • Data Reduction and Photometric Calibration (pdf)
  • Optical Photometry (pdf)

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Scientific and Organizing Committee

Ehsan Kourkchi (IPM)
Farhang Habibi (IPM)
Alireza Molaeinejad (IPM)
Saeed Tavassoli (IPM)
Hanieh Kiaee (IPM)
Anoushiravan Rouzrokh (IPM)
Program & Topics

Imaging and Photometry
An introduction to Astronomical
Imaging and Data Reduction

Methods and Tools
1- IRAF data reduction facilities
2- SExtractor (Source extraction and
catalog production)
3- Data Analysis

Master or PhD students, Limited to 16 participants selected by the organizing committee.

Application and Contact:

Send your applications/questions to:
Ask your supervisor to send the recommendation letter by 11th Bahman 1390 to:

Reception Costs:
Students: 350,000 Rials
Others: 600,000 Rials

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