Python Programming
Applications of Data Science

Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences

April 20-22, 2020 | Ordibehesht 1-3, 1399

Whether you're new to programming or an experienced developer, it's easy to learn and use Python. The smarter way to learn new things is to learn by doing. The Python Workshop focuses on building up your practical skills so that you can work towards building up your future programming skills as a data scientist, write scripts that help automate your calculations or doing statistics. Throughout this workshop, you'll take an engaging step-by-step approach to understand Python. In three days of the workshop, we first focus on introductory concepts requires for starting Python. Then we'll talk about some important techniques requires for Physics and statistics. You'll build on your code like a software developer, learning along the way.

Registration fee : 500.000 IRR

Deadline for registration : 20 January,2020 / 30 Day,1398


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