LSBU preparatory workshop on
Gnuastro, Git, Make and Reproducible papers

In this introductory workshop, we will review some basic tools that are necessary for the international workshop on "Unveiling the Low Surface Universe, Observational and reproducibility challenges" ( which will take place at the IPM on 11-16 April 2020.

Gnuastro is a powerful astronomical data (table/image/cube) processing software collections. For example, it is used for the basic data reduction of the Iranian National Observatory Lens Array (INOLA) images. Git is a tool to formally backup your project as it progresses and is a critical component of modern research. Git enables verification of a project's history and easy collaboration with colleagues. Make is a tool to define order in a series of operations for optimal running of the project. Finally participants will learn about the "Reproducible paper template" which is a general project workflow management framework that will be used in the main workshop to orchestrate the research project. Participants will learn about each of these tools through talks and followup discussions. A basic tutorial on Git will also be given as a hands-on session. Volunteers of the International Workshop are required to attend this one-day workshop.

Participants are expected to be familiar with Unix-like operating systems (in particular GNU/Linux or macOS) and have a Laptop with such an operating system for example Ubuntu, Fedora, or etc. Please, try to install Gnuastro before attending the workshop by using the link below:

We will inform you as soon as we rearrange the conference

Registration free.

Deadline for registration: 25 march, 2020/ 6 Esfand, 1398.


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