About Me

  • Full Name:Borna Salehian
  • Email:bornasalehian@gmail.com

Hello There!

I started university at Electrical Engineering department of Sharif University at Tehran until I obtained my M.S. degree. What was important for me those days was to find out a unify picture of the underlying principles of the world. So I decided to study theoretical physics where such a view is meant to be developed.

My Resume

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  • Education

  • PhD

    IPM, Tehran, Iran- 2016-present

    I was very lucky that I could be student of Hassan Firouzjahi and do research in theoretical cosmology. First year was mostly dedicated to study works (QFT, GR, ...). After that I started research work more about which can be found below.

  • Masters Degree

    Sharif University, Tehran, Iran- 2013-2015

    I continued to study electrical engineering at Masters level. I worked on optical devices that can be used instead of electronic devices - I was going to take revenge :) - In the meanwhile I found out that my feeling for physics is getting revived. That lead to a major change ...

  • Bachelors Degree

    Sharif University, Tehran, Iran- 2009-2013

    I started university to obtain a computer engineering degree. Then I changed my major to electrical engineering. In summary, electrical engineering is about how to harness electromagnetic interaction. I hated designing electronic circuits and electric motors but I loved to study how electricity and magnetism work together to make an electromagnetic wave, the most important discovery of Maxwell.

Research Interests

Intersection of high energy physics and cosmology
Effective field theory
Gravitational waves